Ladies — Is your best friend turning you into a gay man?

The best parts of having a stylish gay man by your side are trusting his opinion to help create an outfit and taking his advice on handling new relationships. However, sexuality aside, your friend is still male and, by nature, has a different perspective on situations. So we’re sure blindly following his strong opinion can sometimes leave you wondering, is he turning me into gay man? Keep your head up for a couple tell tale signs and gauge whether or not your platonic paramour’s pointers have you teetering on the edge of an inadvertent sex change.

You have probably lost count of the times you’ve uttered the phrase “help me figure out what to wear.” In the past the looks have been successful, the compliments endless, but has your BGF been operating on autopilot? Every night is not Saturday night. A tank top or cropped shirt is not cocktail hour appropriate. Looking like you’re one Patron shot away from a public display of your new abs is tacky and slightly exhausting.

In the gay world relationships can last a lifetime…or the duration of a cocktail. Where that’s true with any coupling, the turnover is a bit more frequent for gay men—there’s a reason for all the lesbian U-Haul jokes, too. So when you seek his advice on a current love interest, be weary if your best gay suggests not to making a move. Take it with a grain of salt. Unless you’re prone to stalking, this advice may just be a man’s natural defensive position (and the reason so many of gay relationships just end). Women have more patience, so exhibit some with straight guys. They’re slower and need you to reach out some.

Also, there’s a severe possibility that gay men have a genetic predisposition to interior design, but they usually have two levels of taste, one for their clients and one for themselves. Somehow pattern on pattern, on pattern, seems to work for these men at home. And where you probably love a smart paisley, ikat, damask, or toile, sobriety is key to the mix. Try to make him treat you like a client. Otherwise your new living room could look like a conversation pit on steroids. Which is great for editorial purposes, but you do want to live in it as well.

Strong opinions are attractive and you really want to be able to trust your darling gay’s taste, but if you don’t double-check their advice against your gut, it’s possible to lose some of your own personality. He, along with the rest of the world, already adores you so make sure you’re not teetering too far over the edge. As cute as the two of you look together, does the world need a little brother version of your over-the-top, sexless husband?

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