Go behind the scenes, and into the art, for Air's PAINTED LOVE

There probably isn’t any contemporary pop act as intrinsically tied to the cinema and the French electronic duo Air. From their collaboration with Sophia Coppola on THE VIRGIN SUICIDES to their recent reimagining of the 1902 Georges Méliès classic LE VOYAGES DANS LE LUNE , they’ve challenged the constraints of the movie soundtrack. Now they’ve teamed up with Cartier and the NYC-based directors collective Waverly for the short film PAINTED LOVE.

The project picks up the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea–it’s the story of artist whose muse comes to life–and blasts it into present day New York City. Throughout the film we follow a young artist (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Vincent Van Gogh) as he chases his muse and eventually falls into her world. We spoke to Air’s Jean-Benoît Dunckel about the collaboration and, of course, his favorite film of the year:

How did the collaboration with Ben Dickinson and Waverly work? Can you walk us through the process?
It was great because they were really, really keen on doing the best version of the movie possible. Everyone was really, really picky. They came up with the concept and made us remake and remake the music until it was great. Until it was emotional. I think that everyone was searching for something emotional. It wasn’t about a specific style or something trendy or something fashionable, but something about the center of the question of the movie, which was Love.

The film updates the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. What is it about that story that has has spoken to artists for centuries?
The story of the muse rings true for artists. In this version, it’s all about a real person going into their music or their art. For Air, each time we say the word YOU in a song it is always about a muse. A girl that we love, the perfect girl that we would like to know and that we know that we will never meet in life…the perfect woman. And I think that this myth can be true because when you are a musician, when you do some charming songs, sometimes girls listen to the music and these girls can come to you, for example, if you play a show. If your songs are full of love they can attract girls. So this myth…it can be true.

Has a muse ever driven you to madness?
I stop just before madness. I am not crazy. As a selfish person I think about myself first and stop before the hardcore feelings get to be too much. I pay attention to my body so I can take care of myself, my business, my music, my friends. When the muse is too strong or too focused it is bad for your life. It can damage a lot of things.

OK, we’ve got to know, what was your favorite film of the year?
DRIVE, it is amazing. It’s really, really well designed, well controlled. The story is perfect. The pictures are really beautiful. It is really well edited and charismatic. I love the music. It is an amazing movie. It is new and a movie for now.

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