Give your pet a QUIRKY little Christmas

We spoke to your dog. And he’d really appreciate it you didn’t buy him some sweater for Christmas. It’s just, you know, he thinks it is really undignified to dress an animal up like that. But, and I swear these were his words, the folks at QUIRKY came up with a pretty great pet problem solution that would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

Americans are crazy about their pets. We spent $300 billion on Halloween costumes for them this year. So, it’s no surprise that pet products are a big seller around the holidays. To help you love your dog without dropping more money on a canine Claus costume, the masterminds behind Sundance Channel’s QUIRKY decided to solve all of the problems we’ve got with dog leashes with one simple product, the Kosoku. It’s retractable, reflective and even stores a roll of waste bags for when your best friend leaves you a little present.