A holiday gift guide for your best girlfriend

The holiday season is a real test of a gentleman’s taste and mettle. While it’s the thought that counts, your best girlfriend has — without a doubt — come to anticipate your gift to them every holiday season. Since we know you’re not one to let her down, here are a few suggestions to keep your favorite lady up to date and the center of attention. Right next to you, of course.

High heeled Sex Kitten. Need we say more?

A rose by any other name. Prada’s latest jewelry effort is inspired by the ultimate floral muse, the rose. No need to buy every piece, but a simple bracelet or brooch are affordable, and the perfect accent to a feminine ensemble.

Night Flight. You’ve probably styled your girl head to toe for a holiday function before, so why not make sure all the senses are touched by adding that final sparkling touch inspired by a classic fragrance. Guerlains’s Vol de Nuit Shimmering powder is a limited edition for the house’s Christmas collection that will have men entranced like a dear in headlights. You may find yourself jealous.

Scent of a woman. Where it’s best to avoid any habit-styled frocks when dressing your girlfriend, it is better to have a more ephemeral and gentle air about her. These fragrances were inspired by old convents where the nuns used to prepare exotic chocolates. We know, how repressed, but it works.

No one knows better than a good gay that a girl can never have too many accessories. There’s more to life than one occasion, so a woman should be ready at all times for just about anything, like a wild night of dancing recklessly with a man who will never leave her. These earrings are a perfect compliment to that halter-top, or vintage Halston dress she’s been dying to break out. If the lady loves the nightlife, she’s got to boogie.

In the clutch. Daily errands and workday necessities can begin to ruin an outfit, unless a woman opts for a slouchy hobo or satchel bag. But really, that look is tired. Consider updating to a daytime clutch (they’re not just for the disco) by newcomers Emily Cho, their prints and styles are setting the tone for the next trend in women carryalls. You wouldn’t want your girl to be without, would you?

Chanel may have invented the little black dress, but leave it to the American master of timeless style to create a staple in a woman’s arsenal. Ralph Lauren offers a few takes on the classic cocktail dress. We think a simple silk jersey number is the perfect New years Eve outfit.

Free agents! If there’s one thing a gay friend is great at, it’s being a wingman for the straight woman on the hunt. But we can’t be there for them when it’s time to seal the deal. What can be there in your place is a tasteful—yet highly suggestive—night slip that will make sure your favorite girl and her date stay on the same page. Expect a thank you text in the morning.

Soundtrack of our lives. Just like you, your best girl loves to stand out in a crowd, probably not as much as you, but enough to not want to wear what everyone else has. Ditto technology. Giving her a pair of black shagreen ear buds will have her moving to the beat of her own drum, in her own stylish way.

And, well, some gifts work just as well for you and your best girl. So, when she doesn’t have the time or energy to find a date that won’t disappoint, get her one of those Australian treats, the Sensational Inflatable Boyfriend. It’s the same size as those emergency floatation devices stashed under the airplane seat and twice as useful.

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