This week on Sundance Channel: Everybody loves a bisexual period drama

This week on Sundance Channel, we’ve got samplings of culture from Germany, Belgium, and New York City. With the exception of THE WAVE, most of these indulge a lighter side: just what we need in the dark days ahead.  We’ve got something for every one, from MAN ON WIRE to a period romance with bisexual undertones.

I might be the last person on Earth who has yet to see MAN ON WIRE. Framed as a heist movie, director James Marsh recounts Philippe Petit’s 1974 tightrope walk between the Twin Towers. People have not stopped telling me to watch it since it won multiple awards at Sundance and took home “Best Documentary” at the Oscars in 2008. So, now I’m telling you.
MAN ON WIRE Tuesday 3:10 PM

If you’re a fan of CRUEL INTENTIONS-style drama, look no further than the Sundance Channel premiere of BRIDESHEAD REVISITED. Emma Thompson stars in the 2008 film, which was first a novel, then a 1981 British mini-series. BRIDESHEAD is also directed by Julian Jarrold, who brought you GREAT EXPECTATIONS and KINKY BOOTS. Check out the trailer here.

Based on the Belgian cult TV series, the 2009 stop-motion feature A TOWN CALLED PANIC stars three plastic toys: an Indian, a horse, and a cowboy. The film, lauded for its absurdity and childishness, proves with rudimentary animation that sometimes a little goes a long way. PANIC wowed the audiences at Cannes and will probably steal your heart (and make no mention of that other animated film about plastic toys).

Friday after work is an excellent time for a lady-who-gets-her-groove-back flick. MY YEAR WITHOUT SEX is just that: a comedy about a mother whose aneurysm requires her to lay off the sex while the family struggles with financial problems. It’s lighter than it sounds and a very ripe tomato.

In 1967, a California teacher successfully demonstrated that democratic society is susceptible to dictatorship by turning over 200 students into fascists in three days. THE WAVE is a contemporary German extension of that story. It was very successful when shown in German cinemas, and this Friday will be its television premiere.
THE WAVE Friday at 1:30 AM

Jennifer Grey says her childhood was a lot like DIRTY DANCING. Will Forte learned about sex from his teddybear. This Monday, in an all-new THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS, Grey and SNL’s Will Forte come clean about their most awkward childhood moments.
THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS: SNL’s Will Forte & Dirt Dancing’s Jennifer Grey Monday at 8 PM

Read on for the full schedule of what’s playing this week, including all-new episodes of GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS and ALL ON THE LINE WITH JOE ZEE.