Did Mariah Carey invent the sexy Santa look?

Earlier this week on our site, we asked our Wise Guys what was up with the sexy Santa lingerie thing. Which naturally led us to thinking about Mariah Carey, and how she basically owns the entire sexy Santa category, not to mention the sub-category of soft-core porn Santa. We know she didn’t exactly invent the look — scantily clad Santa’s helpers have been around for decades, and someone saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus years ago — but she’s made it her own again… and again… and again (Google-image-search “Sexy Mariah Santa” if you can handle even more).

Well, just in case anyone dared to think that the arrival of twin babies would cause Mariah to zip up her Santa suit to cover her cleavage, she recently unveiled — quite literally — her 2011 edition of Sexy Mariah Santa. This time around, it’s in a video for her remake of “All I Want For Christmas” with Justin Bieber. In the video, Mariah is apparently supposed to be a vintage animated Christmas card and Justin Bieber acts like he’s her awkward new stepson. She bumps and grinds against a wall while Bieber and his boy buddies push shopping carts around Macy’s looking for presents. Because when you find yourself alone in a Macy’s after hours with a Sexy Mariah Santa who could eat you for breakfast — you need backup, dudes.

But apparently the Sexy Santa look doesn’t do it for Bieber — or maybe the Sexy Stepmom doesn’t do it for him — because, we shit you not, when he sings the line “All I want for Christmas is you” and points at the camera, we cut immediately to… Nintendo! Bieber and his buddies excitedly checking out the latest Nintendo! It’s so weirdly sweet and naive and yet at the same time, gross and unromantic and sell-out-y and missing the entire point of the song, we don’t know where to look.

Fortunately, Mariah doesn’t seem to notice. She’s too busy leaning into a wall, her back to the camera, butt perked up and head turned to peek over her shoulder. Now that’s vintage Sexy Mariah Santa.