Design Dish: Pantone for Visa & the biggest dining table ever

The Liyuan Library: I’m a sucker for unusual library spaces, and this new construction in Huairou, China hits all the sweet spots. Tucked away in a small mountain village, the long, narrow structure blends into its surroundings with a reed-like outer layer that still allows for sunlight to trickle inside.

Sketchy Shades: Amsterdam-based artist Masaki Komoto created these peculiar “sketch” glasses for his senior project at Musashino Art University. I’ve always been strongly pro a good pair of goofy glasses, though I can’t help thinking these might hurt your eyes (remember the Opti-Grab from THE JERK?)

The Biggest Dining Table Ever: Created by design firm, Atelier Urban Nomads, this winding table is designed to accommodate hundreds of diners. Fully adjustable, each section of the table can be made longer or wider to fit a variety of dining scenarios.

Pantone for Visa: I don’t know what it is, but design-industry folks wet themselves over new Pantone colors whenever they come out. Happily, they can now satisfy a craving for “Honeysuckle, 18-2120″ on the road with a custom Visa card design.