Our favorite, courageously gay viral videos

It’s been a pretty good week for those of us obsessed with watching courageous kids kick ass on the internet. Nineteen-year-old Zach Wahls made a case for his two moms and reminded us all why Iowa rocks. Who doesn’t love a great speech for a great cause by a very smart young man? Meanwhile, over in California, 14-year-old Jonah Mowry lit up the internet with his vow to stand his ground in light of incessant bullying. Since we can’t just watch these videos over and over again (our neighbors have started to complain), we decided to take a trip down memory lane and list some of our other favorite gay videos. Do you remember them?

1. Pixar’s “It Gets Better” video: Who knew there were so many inspiring people who work at Pixar? Well, considering I’ve spent at least 3 hours of my life bawling over the ending of Toy Story 3, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

2. Bachman gets schooled by a high schooler: It’s not too surprising that Michelle Bachman would probably lose on the show “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader,” so it’s easy to imagine a 17-year-old make her stutter a bit. However, what makes this video so great is the girls that stand up for their gay or bullied peers.

3. Newt Gingrich’s Glitter bomb- Watching the current Republican frontrunner (umm, really?) get covered in glitter? Priceless. You know he’s going to have that stuck in his creepy hair-helmet for weeks, a sparkly reminder that being anti-gay has its consequences. Although one does have to wonder: Where do you get all that glitter? Answer: Ke$ha concert or Tiffany’s credit line.

4. The Soldier Who Told His Dad He Was Gay- Not only is this guy super hot, he’s also got a lot of courage. He’s a soldier, and he’s willing to come out to his father in front of the entire Internet. Good thing he’s got a great dad who will love him no matter what. It’s a moving video that will make you sniffle and sigh.

5. It’s Time- This video, made in Australia, is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. It makes you want to fall in love, and it reminds you that all love is equal. It’s beautiful and touching and you should watch every couple of months to make sure your tear ducts still work.

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