Best of the Web: ALIENS on ice & a Fozzie Bear biopic

ALIENS on Ice: If one thing is awesome about America, it’s that you can put just about anything “on ice.” This past month, the Old Murder House Theatre in Austin, Texas performed a live rendition of the 1986 sci-fi classic, ALIENS, and clips from the performance have, predictably, totally blown up on YouTube.

Death to Pennies: I’ve been staunchly anti-penny for some time now. I never have enough jars for them, nor do I feel like wasting 30 minutes to go to the bank and deposit, like, $7 worth of change. A new video by CGP Grey summarizes the anti-penny argument, from the ridiculous price of producing them (it actually costs the US government more like .18 cents to make a single penny) to their inefficiency in the market.

OneReceipt: If you got down and dirty this past Black Friday (and let’s not forget Cyber Monday,), scooping up bargains and entering Promo Codes like it was going out of style, you’re probably feeling a little perplexed about organizing all those receipts in your inbox. Well worry no more, savvy shopper! A free online service called OneReceipt combs through your inbox and organizes all of your purchases.

Literary Playlists: Our iPod playlists are like a window into the soul. For example, if your top 25 includes Katy Perry and Third Eye Blind, then you’re probably having a rough week. So it’s only natural to speculate about what our favorite literary characters might listen to if they had their own iPods. Flavorwire has begun assembling weekly literary mixtapes, starting with the gloomiest guy of them all, Eeyore, whose list brilliantly includes Conor Oberst’s “Milk Thistle.”

8 Muppet Spin-Offs: I will definitely see THE MUPPETS movie, and I don’t care who knows it. I even watched THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL last week to get all jazzed up. So I especially appreciate these spin-off posters, which put the Muppet characters in a variety of dramatic new movie situations (my favorite: THE PIANIST with Rowlf the Dog, pictured on a post-apocalyptic city street).