Best of the Web: A wooden iPhone & delicious, cheeseburger wrapping paper

A Wooden iPhone: Artists Kyle Bean and Thomas Forsyth created this charming wooden iPhone with removable block buttons for the December cover of Computer Arts. I’m increasingly convinced that there’s an untapped market for primitive versions of modern gizmos (remember the Victorian Kindle?).

Cheeseburger Christmas: ‘Tis the season for goofy wrapping paper, and this morning I ordered some of this cheeseburger print from design collective, Gift Couture. The only trouble is you need enough semi-related presents to create the entire sandwich (and Santa’s purse is a little light this year, kids).

Canon EOS C300 = Awesome from Jonathan Yi on Vimeo.

Silly Camera Instructions: I love my fancy Canon SLR camera but I definitely don’t know half the crap it’s capable of doing. Jonathan Yi directed an instructional video for the new EOS C300 that involves naked people, fixed gear bikes, and hairy, bearded men. If that doesn’t teach you how to use the F-stop, I don’t know what will.

Self Pop Tart: There’s no end to the random feats of Photoshopping you can find dedicated Tumblr blogs for these days. We’re all familiar with the quintessential “Myspace pic” – slightly tilted head, glaring mirror flash, pouty fish lips. But a new blog replaces the camera with, you guessed it, a pink, rainbow-sprinkled Pop Tart.