Art Buzz: Freaky rhyming couplets & a farewell to the New Museum slide

The Syphilis of Sisyphus: Now on view at Fredericks & Freiser gallery, Mary Reid Kelly’s newest video installation, “The Syphilis of Sisyphus,” portrays the artist (with ping pong ball eyes) as a pregnant French bohemian reciting twisted rhyming couplets. Her keenest words of wisdom: “My blistering wit and its deep lacerations are signs of advanced forms of Syphillization.”

United States Artists: This week, nonprofit United States Artists announced the 50 new recipients of their $50,000 grant, including a few well-known names like conceptual artist Lorraine O’Grady, performer Carolee Schneemann and activist/artist John Outterbridge.

The Ungovernables: A generation of artists born between the ’70s and ’80s is being dubbed “The Ungovernables” by New Museum curator Eugenie Joo, who traveled to over 20 different countries compiling work for a new exhibit. Slated to open February 15, “The Ungovernables” will take up the entire museum, replacing Carstel Holler’s touted “experience” installation (farewell, slide! We hardly slid on ye!)

Rune Guneriussen: File under “glowy stuff in the great outdoors.” Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen creates his striking images by placing glowing objects in peculiar outdoor settings. Some are strange enough that they almost look computer-generated (for example, a photo of trees outfitted with sconces and shades), but all, he claims, are created exclusively on site.