Like everyone, Adam Lambert grows up (stylewise)

At some point we’ve all been eager to enter a scene bright eyed and bushy tale, usually putting what is thought of as our best foot forward, personality and fashion wise. You’re wearing you’re heart on your sleeve, and your wallet’s pretty empty. Let’s face it, you’re wearing every last dime because not everyone has a powerhouse PR team and the blessing of a celebrity stylist, or designer—let alone both—to balance the enthusiasm of being the new kid on the block with a desire to be a fashion plate, subjected to public scrutiny. Ciao Clay Aiken.

Anyone who feels the rush and thrill of coming into their own identity understands the pratfalls and fashion faux pas that should be taken in stride. For instance, a budding rock star, or a young woman that swans into a sexpot after her friends do, even a gay person born up until the first half of the 1980’s who recently came out of the closet to finally live the way they always pictured they might, someday. Here’s looking at you Jake Shears!

But coming into your own does come with certain baby steps, in the case of gregarious gay men there’s a definite girlfriend period. We’re not talking the pillow talk and sleepovers (with women); rather it’s more about being flamboyant, loud, sassy, and opinionated to the point of parody. Think of it like a hormonal growth spurt we’re not completely in control of. Some of us here may have gone through a period where they referred to every close friend as lover.

In the case of America’s favorite gay glam pop star, Adam Lambert, try doubling up on expressive energy with ridiculous talent. We’re talking critical mass. Fortunately, the fashion world’s most approachable ambassador, Joe Zee, and his pool of struggling designers are going to take a stab at channelling Adam’s raw energy into a cohesive and cogent aesthetic mixing glam, goth, rock chic, and urban wit into a deceptively subtle and sophisticated ensemble. The devil is in the details with this gentleman and you’ll have to tune in to see what Joe et Co. have done with him.

A gay man’s personality has to go through a couple awkward stages before it forms into the savvy and graceful dating machine who can knock the socks off of any social gathering. It’s a rite of passage every gay is glad to never repeat. Fortunately for the rest of us, this is the age of big brother with plenty of documentation immediately available, should anyone need to be reminded of exactly where they came from. PS: George Michael, please get better!

Catch Adam Lambert on ALL ON THE LINE WITH JOE ZEE this Friday at 9:30 pm et/pt.