Young Love: Now playing on Sundance Channel

Xavier Dolan, Niels Schneider and Monia Chokri in HEARTBEATS.

This week Sundance celebrates hot, young boys in love, starting tonight with a young Leonardo DiCaprio in TOTAL ECLIPSE. Leo plays 19th-century bad boy teen poet, Arthur Rimbaud (think lots of blousy shirts and sultry looks), who sends some of his poems to the famous writer, Paul Verlaine (played by David Thewlis, who won Best Actor at Cannes for the role in 1995). Verlaine is so impressed he invites Rimbaud to come stay at his house, but when he arrives he’s shocked to discover that Rimbaud is a crude and obnoxious sixteen-year-old kid. Still, he falls in love with him (in reality, Rimabud was nowhere near as cute as Leo, but hey, love is blind and Verlaine was no looker either), but it’s not a great match. Things don’t usually go well when you abandon your wife and kid for a hot teenage poet, whom you become so possessive of that you shoot him in a jealous rage. Luckily, Verlaine only hit Rimbaud’s left wrist, and he was a righty anyway. Hindsight’s a bitch, eh Paul?

Then we’re playing WHITE NIGHT WEDDING, the Icelandic adaptation of Anton Chekov’s Ivanov, followed by SUMMER HOURS, Olivier Assayas’ “quietly ravishing” family drama starring Juliette Binoche. On Friday night watch BUNNY AND THE BULL, the debut feature from filmmaker Paul King (director of the cult British comedy troupe “The Mighty Boosh”) who described his film as a “road trip in the head.”

Sing along on with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in MOULIN ROUGE! on Saturday night, followed by HEARTBEATS, by the up-and-coming filmmaker Xavier Dolan, who was a ripe 21-years-old when the film was released last year. The subtle, stunning story of a love triangle between friends won the Regards Jeunes Prize at Cannes and was nominated for the Un Certain Regard Award.

But wait – there’s more! Don’t miss a thing. See everything playing this week on Sundance Channel.