Weekly movie trailer roundup: Adam Sandler's fake-real movie vs. his real-fake one

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have already seen the trailer for Adam Sandler’s latest movie, JACK AND JILL, you might have asked yourself – Is this shit for real? – only to discover the sad, sad fact that it was indeed. If there’s any lesson to be learned from Eddie Murphy’s career (besides having your mouth so glued to Brett Ratner’s butt you have to follow him wherever he goes, like into the Oscars and right back out of them again), it’s not to dress up as the fat, female version of yourself and then star opposite her. But Sandler did it anyway, and it looks so unbelievably bad, so excruciatingly unwatchable, many people are questioning its authenticity, citing the parody trailers in the beginning of TROPIC THUNDER as more believable.

I, for one, totally thought it was a fake. At first, I gave Sandler the benefit of the doubt and thought, hey maybe he’s doing some clever marketing thing where he makes fun of how bad his recent movies have been. I actually thought he was riffing off the intentionally bad fake movie he made in FUNNY PEOPLE. Remember RE-DO? The one where he’s a grown man trapped somehow in the body of a baby, but with the face of a man? Even Leslie Mann’s kids hated it. But after watching the trailer for his ‘legit’ project, that whole grown man/baby thing isn’t looking like such a bad move for him anymore. At this point, how much lower can you go?