The female reproductive tract explained in Rachel Maddow's man cave

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Wait, that title didn’t come out quite right. “Man cave” is not meant as a euphemism here, especially for Rachel Maddow’s lady parts (for several reasons). No, the “man cave” is just one of her dorky gimmicks whereby she tells her female viewers to take a break and pops a brewskie, puts up some sport paraphernalia and just talks to the dudes. (For a feminist lesbian, she sure likes to play-up gender stereotypes!) Her latest man cave episode involved explaining how egg fertilization happens within the female reproductive tract, because a lot of people, including Mitt Romney, don’t quite have it down. Nor do they understand how many forms of birth control work – birth control many of them use!

The reason for Maddow’s recent sex ed lesson is because of the ballot initiative in Mississippi for a “personhood amendment,” which would give personhood status to a fertilized egg before it’s even implanted in the uterus, not only rendering all forms of abortion illegal (even in the case of rape and incest), but making several forms of birth control illegal, and even opening up miscarriages to murder investigations (of course, the irony is that God would end up on trial in the majority of such cases).

And this isn’t just some small, Southern state’s isolated issue – according to The Times, similar initiatives are brewing in half a dozen other states including Florida and Ohio, and now the Personhood USA website says that a personhood petition is active in all fifty states. And then there’s Mitt Romney, the tofu politician who takes on the flavor of whatever demographic he happens to be courting at the moment. Once passionately pro-choice, he’s now passionately pro-life, so much so, apparently, that he recently told Mike Huckabee that he’d support a constitutional amendment that would define conception as the beginning of life, before realizing what that would mean for millions of women on birth control. It’s frightening to hear that kind of ignorance – not to mention that kind of whimsy when it comes to core values – from someone who could realistically be our next president.

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