The dark art of ApocaLego

Kevin “Crimson Wolf” Fedde (quite a nickname to live up to) is one of a surprising number of LEGO builders and fans (there are over 1,000 members on its Flickr pool) who dabble in the dark art of “ApocaLego,” a popular subgenre devoted to constructing sets with apocalyptic themes, be it a “zombocalypse, bioplague, robot insurrection or nuclear conflagration.” Kevin’s (I mean Crimson Wolf’s) impressively detailed and imaginative legoscapes complete with marauding Lego men look like something straight out of MAD MAX or WATERWORLD (Yes, I like WATERWORLD. Look for my eventual long-form essay, “In Defense of Waterworld.”). I doubt it was intentional, but I like the shout out to Robert De Niro’s New York City neighborhood, Tribeca, with the Varick Street sign in picture above. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been so pleased with myself when I successfully finished constructing a single, undestroyed LEGO firetruck when I was a kid.