Top 10 Hollywood Hot Messes Who Need a Gay Best Friend

Nobody provides more water cooler fodder than the hottest hot messes in Hollywood. We love ‘em to bits and crushed-up, little, prescription medication pieces simply because they can’t seem to stop…screwing up. Lindsay posing in Playboy? Like Marilyn? Again? Courtney Stodden getting her breasts examined on national television? I don’t get it–does bleach leak into your brain? Of course, instead of dipping into the schadenfreude we could be real pals and get these ladies and gents some help…in the form of a gay man, of course. Nothing says intervention quite like one of our beloved gay boyfriends telling us to wake up and smell the vodka all over our clothes!!

Check out our Top 10 and let us know your picks for Hollywood Hot Messes Who Need a Gay Best Friend.

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