Creative reuse: the Texas-shaped serving board

Got a Texan on your holiday gift list? As someone who grew up about 20 minutes away from the state line, I feel confident saying there’s one things that all residents of the state like, and that’s Texas itself. If you don’t believe me, take a visit and start counting the “Don’t Mess with Texas” bumper stickers – they add up fast.

Abilene entrepreneur Kyle Douthit clearly understands this. And as a former countertop installer, he also knows how much of the material from a job gets thrown away. He put two and two together, and about five years ago started collecting pieces of acrylic countertop, cutting them into the shape of the state and giving them away as gifts to family and friends to use as cheese boards, bread boards, etc. The Texas-shaped “Triv-Boards” (above) caught on and now Kyle makes them full time. He even puts members of his family to work in the business. He told Abilene’s Reporter News that “You never know where blessings are going to come from… but I’ve learned sometimes they come in the form of a Texas trivet.”

A little hokey? Perhaps. But a great example of seeing use (and opportunity) in “waste.” There’s also a social responsibility element to the business (with, no doubt, a Christian conservative motivation – but that’s cool), as a portion of all sales during the holiday season goes to Israeli ministry Tents of Mercy.

via Earth 911 and @Greenopolis


Image credit: Kayton Group Gifts