A new sex toy for men, the REV1000

When it comes to sex toys, men get the short end of the stick. Besides butt plugs (a.k.a. the short end of the stick, ba dum ching!), there’s just not that many innovative options – a few massage sleeves, a couple of love rings and some blow-up dolls (and, if you ask us, blow up dolls are not really a viable option). So when something new in the world of men’s sex toys hits the market, it’s BIG news (at least in our world).

Introducing the REV1000. While it gives the unfortunate impression of sticking one’s dick in a blender, with 7 speeds and 7 functions for a total of 49 different sensation combinations, the REV1000 has the potential to threaten straight women’s vaginal egos as much as The Rabbit Habit vibrator pummeled straight men’s penile ones. The UK makers, SexToys.co.uk, conducted their own consumer study with 100 blokes recruited by their PR company (they each received a REV1000 and filled out a survey) and found that “82% of men who tried it said it was the best sex toy they’d ever used.”

But before women start to worry they’ll be replaced by the robots, the survey also found that “over 70% of those who tried it said they would recommend the REV 1000 for building stamina to help them last longer during sex.”

The REV1000 is rechargeable, made with a Japanese motor, has an internal sleeve made of phthalate-free TPR that can be used with any lubricant, and is available now for £120 (it can be shipped to the US for an additional £10). To get a good idea of how it works, watch the instructional video here. There’s also a promotional video, but it lamely associates the product with stealing and assault against women. As with most men’s sex toys, good taste is often hard to come by (ba dum ching!).