Remember the (crocheted) Alamo

Previously spotted covering the Wall Street Bull, Olek created buzz once again by wrapping another iconic New York City sculpture, Tony Rosenthal’s Astor Place Cube with her trademark pink and purple camouflage yarn, as seen in the picture above. Here’s a video of her in action installing this piece over the cube, or the “Alamo” as it’s officially named. If you walk around New York City long enough you’ll eventually stumble upon her smaller, guerrilla pieces like this bicycle I spotted in the Lower East Side or this one in Union Square. While a yarn-wrapped Astor Place cube is impressive, the man-child in me gets a bigger kick out of these pranksters who turned it into a Rubik’s Cube.

What’s next on Olek’s hit or “knit” list? I’d like to nominate the following candidates: The Alma Mater statue in front of the Low Memorial Library at Columbia University, Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture or the Grand Army Plaza entry at the entrance to Prospect Park. You listening, Olek?