Perez Hilton wants to spread the love

Growing up, I was an easy target for bullies. I was a chubby, gay kid who preferred watching musicals to playing football. I was an outsider who never really fit in.

I knew I was different, and I embraced it. No matter how much I was bullied or teased, I was never so miserable that I contemplated suicide.

But sadly, many youth today see suicide as the only way to escape the daily taunts and threats of the bullies they encounter at school. It truly broke my heart last year when I read story after story about gay teens who committed suicide because they were bullied.

That’s why I’m doing everything I possibly can to help end bullying. Every life is precious, and no one should have to suffer or be persecuted for being exactly who they were born to be.

Small changes can make a huge difference, whether it’s supporting anti-bullying initiatives in your community or mentoring a gay teen. Ending bullying isn’t the responsibility of just one person; it’s up to ALL of us.

Be kind. Spread love.

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