Pasadena's literal fork in the road

Back in the fall of 2009, local Pasadena resident Bob Stane received a very public prank gift on his 75th birthday in the form of guerrilla art. Ten years prior, he remarked to a friend that someone should put a fork monument at the juncture where south St. John and Pasadena Avenue split, a comment that his friend and former co-worker Ken Marshall not only remembered, but helped to build and install a full decade later. After two years of going back and forth with city government, Bob Stane’s 18-foot tall fork in the road was re-installed and officially became a part of the Pasadena landscape this month. Maybe you think this falls on the “lowest common denominator” side of the “serious” art spectrum, but how is this any different than a Claes Oldenburg? And as a fan of puns (blame my upbringing) I absolutely love it.