A Dating Site for Girls Seeking Boys Seeking Boys: Cast Hook Ups

From eHarmony to Grindr there are plenty of ways to find a mate, a date or, um, whatever the polite term is for what guys use Grindr for. But, what about finding the perfect best friend? SUNFILTERED dreamt up a GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS ‘dating site’. Perhaps we’ll call it Girls Seeking Boys Seeking Boys. We’re using the Nashville couples to test it out, but (of course) there is a twist. We’re having the besties fill out profiles FOR EACH OTHER.

Kristin (by Peter)

The first thing people notice about me is:
My killer eyes!

The three most important qualities/features I look for in a best friend are:
Honesty, a sense of humor, and master skills at Jenga.

My Hollywood dream date is:
Tucker Max, because he’s an asshole and I’m attracted to assholes.

When I’m feeling down the best way to pick me up is to:
Tell me a story about random hook-ups, especially if they are funny. Now that I’m married I live vicariously through stuff like that.

I can’t leave the house in the morning without:
My cell phone, a gross protein shake, and a smile.  

I know it is really gross but, I:
Keep dog treats in the refrigerator (right next to the human food).
I have a real weakness for:
Army boys and younger men.

Peter (by Kristin)

The first thing people notice about me is:
My beautiful face, duh. 
My Hollywood dream date is:
Ryan Gosling. He would pick me up in his most expensive ride and take me to a red carpet event. We’d drink (top shelf) all evening and at the end of the night I’d find out he’s a bottom! 
This is my life story in five sentences:
Fell in love with a woman and knocked her up (16 and Pregnant style). We had three beautiful children before she kicked me out of the closet. Now I’m a gay comedian!

I can’t leave the house in the morning without:
Making sure my hair is perfectly coiffed, posting at least three pictures of my hair on Facebook, and checking to make sure I have my phone. 
If I accidentally hit a cat while parking my car I would:
A: Pick up the poor thing and drive it to the vet.
B: Freak out and call my best friend. He/She would know how to deal with it.
C: Drive off and find another parking spot (unless it was a really, really good spot).
D: What cat? I’m pretty sure that was just a pothole.
The one thing that really makes me jealous is:
When someone is funnier than me.
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