GWLBWLB Meet The Cast: Kristin Likes Peter

Here is a GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS first! Peter and Kristin met on a dating website. And then they went on a date. Obviously, it didn’t work out. While they failed at romance, they succeeded in becoming instant BFFs.

Peter is a divorced dad (yeah, he didn’t just date women) who is trying to navigate life in Nashville as a gay father. He also happens to be a stand-up comedian whose big mouth and crass comments on stage have a tendency to get him into trouble.

Fortunately, his best bro Kristin just happens to share his outlandish sense of humor. She’s a military wife who is eagerly awaiting her husband’s safe return from Afghanistan. While he’s gone, she’s got Peter to distract her from the drama–when he’s not bringing on some of his own. Peter may be the the actual parent in this relationship, but it’s Kristin who does most of the mothering.

These two will be playing house this Thanksgiving and cooking their first turkey dinner. So if you’ve got any recipes or advice, post ‘em in the comments so Kristin and Peter don’t spend the whole holiday on the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line.

An all new season of GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS is just around the corner. Tune into Sundance Channel on for the Season 2 premiere Friday, November 18th at 9 PM et/pt.