It's not you, it's me: Managing your inner drama queen

The fruit never falls too far from the tree, so people naturally absorb behavior from their parents, but also friends. I mean we choose to keep our friends around, why shouldn’t they be as much of an influence? And if we know we’re prone to letting drama queens and their episodes into our world, don’t be shocked to recognize a bit of thespian flair inside you.

Unless you’re a true sociopath, everyone falls victim to irrational fits of emotion where the extreme appears normal–not very cool. This penchant for all things Off-Broadway comes to the surface when we need our cool the most, like when crushing on someone new. Did he call, will he call, why hasn’t he called, and posting cryptic statements on twitter doesn’t do much for your street cred. Try to focus on something else, like your job, or a celebrity divorce.

Speaking of work, vying for a promotion against someone you simply abhor can compromise your hard earned reputation. Extreme behavior can suddenly makes sense in a tense environment. It’s a pretty scary way to view a situation. Can you imagine what it must be like to live inside your favorite Drama Queen’s head everyday? To quote Whitney Houston, “Hell-to-the-no!” But you’re blind to the repercussions, and there always are costs. It’s not your company, and it’s not your entire life. Keep it in perspective.

Watching your ex move on can cause super-irrational behavior. Don’t worry, it’s not just you. It’s everyone. So when you do find yourself sort of teetering on a social psychotic break, try to talk yourself off the ledge. Walk right to your favorite mirror and literally talk it out, it works. So does calling a trusted friend from that bathroom floor to explain the sequence of events that led you to question whether you’re being too sensitive. Just so you know, a long pause from your friend followed by a neutral response is a definite yes. You’re thinking crazy and it’s not even curtain call. Try to keep your cool and practice what you preach when others get going on an emotional jag. More times than not you’ll come out of the moment with a small, carefully curated audience, and not an entire tabloid reading population. XO Lindsay! We’ve missed you!

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