How To Handle Your Drama Queen

Surprise! It looks like we’ve got a Drama Queen on our hands this season.

Tell me if you’ve ever been out with a friend in a social situation, possibly involving cocktails, where things seem to be going well for everyone. Well, that is, until your friend decides—for unknown reasons—to lose control and have the social equivalent of a psychotic break. Like it or not, every social circle has their Drama Queen. And yes, the description is completely gender neutral. Why are they compelled to be so inappropriately expressive? No one will ever really know. Maybe they didn’t get enough attention as a child? Maybe they got too much? Perhaps they really do feel things deeper and more intensely than the average human (read: all of us)? And therein lies the problem; your friend probably believes that.

A Drama Queen, by definition, has a big personality. It’s why we’re attracted to them and enjoy their company. They’re great in the mix and can spice up a function…they’re just wildly unpredictable. If we really want to stand by our man (or woman), we’ve got to put up with crazy as well as the nice. We’ve got to learn to handle our Drama Queens.

If you get flustered or nervous when they get started, you may accidentally add more fuel to their fire. Maybe their ex showed up to a party, maybe the person they’re dating is out with someone else, maybe they think behaving this way is attractive—all three hypotheticals can be happening at once, too, you just never know. Whatever the motive, it’s best to keep your embarrassment inside and act as un-phased as possible. Your composure will set a tone others will follow.

Kindness if often mistaken for weakness, and patience is rarely rewarded, but both are key to maintaining a semblance of peace when your friend begins to misbehave–or as they see it, stay true to their emotions. Save the talking-down-to for a private moment. It’s more important to salvage the event at hand.

It’s hard for Drama Queens to hear their behavior may be considered inappropriate. After all, it’s just a response to what they’re feeling. To them, you considering their actions negatively is like judging their entire being. Huge leap, we know, but not to them. Once they start there really is not much you can do but try to minimize the damage. Too many words may come across like white noise once they’re in their zone, so let’s be brief. Try the following. Honey, please, I’m going to need you to stop. Or, Frankie says relax.

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