First Olympic marathon athletes

The other weekend, my neighborhood was teeming with runners from all over the world who were in New York City to race in the world’s largest marathon, for which I woke up in time (no small feat for me on the weekends) to witness the thrilling come-from-behind-victory for the women’s race by Firehiwot Dado of Ethiopia. (Even more impressive to me than her win was the fact that Firehiwot Dado has the word “fire” in her first name.) Her winning time of 2:23:15 and, for the men, Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai’s record-setting time of 2:5:5 compelled the television commentators to remark that the marathon had now become a sprint at the elite level and it won’t be long before the 2 hour mark is beaten, which is utterly astonishing to someone like myself who finds running a 5k in 2 hours to be quite an accomplishment. Marathon runners have come a long ways since the 1896 Olympics in Greece, which was the first time the marathon was included, and as seen pictured above, the athletes ran in gear that even The Sartorialist would approve of.

If you missed the race, get a first person look via this time-lapse video recorded by one participant who ran the marathon this year wearing a camera strapped to her head. For an artsier view, our favorite artist Christoph Niemann ran it while live-illustrating the whole thing.

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