Design Dish: Moleskine logo winners & Prague's floating bathtub

Moleskinerie Logo Competition: This week, Moleskine and Designboom unveiled a shortlist of 117 designs that were submitted for the notebook company’s logo competition. The winning design by French artist Sylvain Bouyer offered a poetic definition for a “Moleskinerie,” the name of the company’s new blog: “A small graphic digression illustrating the idea that the greatest dreams often arise from just small things.”

Balloon Lights: Tell me an artist is doing something with little twinkly lights in a big open field, and it’s a a safe bet I’ll be into it.  Bruce Munro’s visually stunning “field of light” at the Holborne Museum consists of 5,000 balloon-like light bulbs planted throughout the grounds, connected by candy-colored acrylic cables.

Smartphone on Wheels: Toyota’s new “Fun VII” concept car is being described by the company as a “smartphone on wheels.” The entire interior and exterior is outfitted with touchscreen technology, allowing the owner to customize it with any images or patterns they want (sort of like selecting the background image on your phone).

A Big Floating Bath in Prague: Generally speaking, Europeans seem weirdly interested in taking baths in public places (remember the hot tub courtyard on Roman Abramovich’s new art island?), so it’s no surprise that folks are getting excited for a big public bath/swimming pool in the middle of Prague’s Vltava River, which will double as an ice-skating rink during the winter months. The only trouble is you’ll need your own boat to reach it.