Design Dish: Miami gets the rainbow effect & McLaren's new yin-yang factory

Coming Up Rainbows: After his first installation was removed in 2002 due to tightened 9/11 security measures, multimedia artist Christopher Janney is installing his colorful glass tiles in an overpass at Miami International Airport just in time for Art Basel.

Hillside Living: This definitely beats any roof garden I’ve ever seen. Built into the side of a steep hill, these two affordable housing structures are being proposed for development in Angelt, France. They’re a little bit like stylish, super-sized hobbit holes.

A Typeface Treasure Trove: Leeds Radio – an unassuming shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – is literally packed to the ceiling with old mechanical parts and miscellany. For lovers of vintage typefaces and ephemera, there’s no place finer to peruse retro packaging in mint condition.

Flashy Factory: Work is officially complete on the gi-normous McLaren Production Center in Surrey, England, which will be used for manufacturing the company’s road vehicles. With a yin-yang shaped pond and raised soil walls that blend the structure into the surrounding landscape, this is by far the best lookin’ factory I’ve ever laid eyes on (and I’ve been in a few cool ones, actually).

One Day of Taxis: For his “Sense of Patterns” project, Mahir Mustafa Yavuz created stunning visualizations of mass transit and commuter routes. When viewed together the patterns take on an organic look. Daily taxi cab routes start to look like neural circuits, while an individual commuter’s daily trek takes on a winding, vein-like look.