Dam graffiti in Ventura County

I was blown away when I first saw this photo. I thought the clever imagery was absolutely brilliant, but I suspected it was probably too good to be true and Photoshop had to be involved. It turns out some things that are too good to be true can actually be true. An anonymous group of guerrilla artists rappelled down the wall back in September to paint this environmentally conscious, large-scale mark on the 200 foot Matilija Dam in Ventura County.

Street art generally gets a bad rap and rarely earns the support of the mainstream political and media establishment, but this hated dam, which has “an alliance of environmentalists, fishermen, surfers and officials from every level of government [calling] for demolishing the obsolete structure,” is despised so much that the county public works director was quoted saying that everyone he’s spoken with enjoys the dam graffiti. This is one example of the positive impact street art can have in raising awareness.