Dali illustrates "Alice in Wonderland"

A couple decades after the initial 1865 publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, my favorite mustachioed, anteater-walking surrealist, Salvador Dalí, took a crack at illustrating the 1969 Random House edition with an image for each of the twelve chapters. Dali is always so predictable and yet paradoxically so unpredictable. Children be damned, you know he’s going to create something that can only be the product of hallucinogenic drugs (or so I’ve heard), but his work never fails to completely astound me as he does once again with these illustrations. Pictured above is his interpretation for “Down the Rabbit Hole,” and he also snuck in one of his melting clocks as well. A copy of Dali’s version of Alice in Wonderland can be yours for $12,900. That’s a lot of allowance a kid needs to save up!