Best of the Web: Smell your Facebook updates & Google gets jiggy wit it

Google Music: Yesterday, Google launched its first music sharing and downloading platform, “Google Music,” as a direct competitor to iTunes. Yes, you have to buy the songs (drag), but users can share whatever they purchase with friends for one free listen.

Cliche Film Posters: French film distributor Christophe Courtois assembles impressive mosaics of movie poster cliches (think big, ominous eyeballs, or faces with the eyes ripped out to reveal titles) on his personal blog. You wouldn’t believe how many posters feature stars standing back-to-back and with their arms crossed.

Control a 40-Foot Woman with your Phone: A giant dancing sculpture created for the 2010 Burning Man festival and currently residing at the Treasure Island Music Festival can be manipulated with a $2 iPhone app. The only catch is you actually have to be at the festival and standing near Her Self to make it work.

Bert & Ernie for TomTom: If you’re sick of that ditzy woman’s voice on your TomTom navigation system, here’s something way more awesome (and potentially even more annoying) to try: Bert and Ernie’s voices are now downloadable through the TomTom website. The best part is it includes Ernie’s semi-sinister giggle after certain prompts.

Updates for your Nose: By far the weirdest tech-related news of the week was “Olly,” a robot that attaches to your laptop and emits customized odors whenever you receive some kind of notification, be it a tweet, a new email or a “like” on Facebook. There’s even a chamber at the back of the device that you can fill with whatever you like, from essential oils to beer.