Best of the Web: Send emails with a vintage typewriter & shop from your favorite flicks

Type-o-Matic: Feeling frustrated by the aesthetic limitations of your email account? Drop a line to ‘Type-o-Matic,” a wacky new service that types up your emails on vintage typewriters and postmarks them for a small fee. They say it’s terrific for “special correspondence,” but I think it would be kind of funny to use it for more mundane messages, like “check out this YouTube video.”

The Gif Player: People really like animated gifs. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about small, repeated actions and weird movements that really gets people going on the Internet. Thanks to Belgian designer Peiterjan Grandry, you can enjoy your favorite gifs on big, printed discs without ever going online.

It Happened Here: Are you a little geeky about history trivia? A new app allows you to find out fun facts and local stories connected to your current location by using the GPS in your iPhone. If you come across something especially exciting, links are provided for further research.

Shop your Favorite Flick: A new eBay app for the iPad allows you to shop the products you see in TV shows or movies (handy for my occasional “what is that lipstick color?” crisis) with the click of a few buttons. The current version of the app requires users to indicate the channel they’re watching, but a new version (still in development) will sync automatically with the screen.

Code Cards: Spread a little tech-savvy >holiday cheer</a> (that’s code-speak for cheesy Christmas cards) with HTML eggnog recipes and festive greetings. Perfect for baffling your mother-in-law and earning street cred with your dorky nephew.