Best of the Web: "Goodnight, iPad" & a typeface made from leg hair

Moustair: I don’t know why, but there’s something incredibly disturbing about this Tumblr blog, which, for lack of a clearer description, places images of mens’ faces beneath their facial hair to create a moustache-wig effect. I’m pretty sure Hulk Hogan’s is the freakiest, but it might just be because his moustache is so intense to begin with.

A Hairy Typeface: Sorry to keep grossing out my readers, here, but you have to admit that this font, which is made entirely from tiny curlicues of leg hair, is kind of unbelievable. Designed by student Mayuko Kanazawa, the project was intended for an assignment to build a typeface without using a computer.

Health App: iPhone users can now monitor their vital signs and “health progress” with a handy new app called “UP.” Using a wristband (you can order it through the website), the app tracks your sleep, exercise and food intake without calorie-counting.

Goodnight iPad: Your parents probably read you “Goodnight, Moon” as a small person, but author Ann Droyd seems to think all that charming “hush, hush” has no place in a modern child’s library. Her parody, “Goodnight iPad,” might be a little depressing, but it’s pretty spot-on. The first line reads, “In the bright buzzing room, there was an iPad, and a kid playing Doom, and a screensaver of a bird, launching over the moon. And there were three little Nooks, with ten thousand books, and a huge LCD, wifi, HD-TV.”

Fantasy Food: Create the doughnut of your dreams with “iPlate,” a new app being pitched on the funding site, Ulule (which looks exactly like Kickstarter only with euros instead of dollars). If it gets enough cash to be produced, the software will allow users to customize their dinner plates with various tastes, colors, and textures—sort of like a foodie paint palette.