Art Buzz: Seriously hairy stairs & Malcolm Mclaren get his own award

The Sensorium: Beauty retailer Sephora and fragrance manufacturer Firmenich have teamed up to bring downtown New Yorkers the “Sensorium,” a pop-up museum of scents and smells complete with a “scent deprivation chamber” and a scent-mixing bar. This could either be totally amazing or totally gaggy—just come armed with a hankie to cover your nose in case you need a break from sensory overload.

An Aerosol Caffeine Buzz: Don’t waste any more precious time grinding beans, brewing coffee and sipping from a mug (what are you, a caveman?) when you can get your caffeine buzz from a spritz of “Le Whiff,” a stylish aerosol diffuser packed with 100 mg of caffeine. It’s just a matter of time before someone comes up with the alcoholic version of this thing.

Museum of Childhood: Relive the glory days of kindergarten building blocks and messing with old-fashioned magic tricks at London’s Museum of Childhood, packed with unusual toys, illustrations and nostalgic games. Or I guess you could go with a real-life kid, but why let them have all the fun?

The Hair on the Stair: You’ve heard of shag carpet, but installation artist Jessica Wohl took the concept to new “lengths” by putting a hairy staircase in an abandoned hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The effect is pretty repellent (and imagine the cleaning bills!), but I bet some rich goofball will immediately try this in his home.

New Art Award Named for Malcolm Mclaren: A new award at the Performa 11 performance art biennial will honor Malcolm Mclaren, the legendary producer of “The Sex Pistols” who passed just last year. Mclaren would probably have disdained seeing his name on a golden placard, but I’m sure he’d approve of it being presented by fellow insane person, Lou Reed.