29 sex tips from 29 sexperts

College Candy recently asked us along with a bunch of other sex writers to contribute a sex tip, the kind of thing “that you wish your friends/boyfriends/ex’s would tell you – not the tips that you read in magazines that are impossible to achieve (rope swing in my bedroom…say what?!).” They also asked everyone to submit a “HILARIOUS” picture. They got 29 of us to pitch in (Who knows how many they asked and how many others are out there beyond that. “Sexperts” aren’t exactly a dying breed). It’s kind of interesting to see the array of tips, and even more interesting to see what people consider a funny picture of themselves. Not sure how we feel about being plopped smack dab in the middle of the group (we’re #16), but we guess a tip about colon health isn’t really a contender for #1. We think our favorite tip has to be Dr. Ruth’s (#4) – and she definitely wins best picture, hands down (or should we say, hands up?).