How to defeat zombies using sex toys

One of our favorite sex toy retailers across the pond, Love Honey, really knows how to have fun with holidays. A few Halloweens ago they sent us a bunch of “Death by Orgasm” bullet vibes packaged in cute little coffins that we gave out to our Halloween Haiku contest winners (Lo also awarded one to the best costume winner at her annual Halloween party). This Halloween, they’re doing it again with a video series entitled “How to Defeat Zombies Using Sex Toys.” The production value is almost as good as anything on “The Walking Dead” (the difference being that you actually care about the characters in the sex toy videos). It’s a silly gimmick – one we’ve admittedly enjoyed playing with ourselves (see “How to Have Sex with a Vampire“) - but it really does cleverly convey the variety of products Love Honey offers and shows those prods in use without being NSFW. (Not that anyone really should be using a cheap blow up doll to seriously meet their sexual needs – now that’s scary).