Weekly movie trailer roundup: THE MUPPETS and THE MUPPET MOVIE

Let’s just get this out there: I love the Muppets. I grew up with them as much as any kid, but it’s only as an adult that I really appreciate Jim Henson and the art of muppetry. I love The Muppet Show from the late 70s and early 80s, THE MUPPET MOVIE (1979) – I even love the side characters – the two cranky old men in the theatre and the aliens from Muppets in Space – more than the main attractions. And as one generation that spent their childhood alongside Kermit and Miss Piggy grows up and has kids of their own, it’s really no surprise that Disney’s come out with a Muppet movie for the next batch of young ‘uns, THE MUPPETS (due out in November).

The main question is whether director James Bobin will live up to his predecessor, and I’d say that with fun, high energy shows like “The Flight of Conchords” and “Da Ali G Show” under his belt, he’s a good bet. Stars Jason Segel and Amy Adams, however, look to stand a pretty good chance of annoying the shit out of me – if the trailer is any indication, at least. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to take all that wholesome, sing-songy goodness and sweet-as-pie wardrobe. Let’s hope they balance out the human actors with plenty of Gonzo, Cookie Monster and Fozzie Bear.