Weekly movie trailer roundup: Spielberg + little boys = big adventure

<a href='http://video.uk.msn.com?vid=2c3838fe-e91e-4ac1-86b8-af598432aa92&#038;mkt=en-gb&#038;src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='MSN Exclusive: The Adventures of Tintin - trailer' >Video: MSN Exclusive: The Adventures of Tintin &#8211; trailer</a>

Young boys, their pets, period clothing, speeding cars, explosions, battles, a million different settings and director Steven Spielberg – that’s what WAR HORSE and THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN have in common. And they both come out around Christmas – two days apart. Coincidence? Probably not, but since TINTIN is animated Spielberg probably feels they’re different enough to release at the same time. I’m not totally sold on the animation style of TINTIN – I grew up with the comic books, which aren’t lacking in adventure, but show it more like this:

Yeah, I know a 2D cartoon just isn’t going to put asses in theater seats, and I know, I know – there was that cartoon on TV a while back, so I should just shut up about it. And I will, because no matter how annoying and mostly unnecessary I personally find 3D movies, I love Tintin in a big way, and I will fall right into the movie’s marketing trap of catering to a ready-made audience and go see it come Christmas. WAR HORSE, though? Probably not.