Weekly movie trailer roundup: Harry Potter's not over yet

Because the books are so beloved, the movies so successful and the fans still reeling in post-Potter malaise, Warner Bros. is releasing one final (and this is really it guys, for real, I swear) look back with the real behind-the-scenes story, the true making-of, the 48-minute documentary only available on the DVD purchased at Target, WHEN HARRY LEFT HOGWARTS.

Now, usually this kind of fan fodder includes a few minutes of talking heads and lots of clips from the movie you’ve already seen a hundred times. Compiling a few boring interviews with pre-exisiting footage and calling it a documentary is totally bogus, but because the filmmakers behind this one include Garry Oldman making that very point, I’m led (though perhaps foolishly) to believe that maybe this time, it’s going to be a real, live, actual documentary, not just some feel-good fluff.

And, I have to be honest: I’m interested. I was so repulsed by the ending of the final film (when Harry, Hermione and Ron grow up and get all boring and dowdy and have kids) that I need some closure – I need a better ending to the story than the one JK Rowling slapped on. And it’s actually kind of intriguing to hear Daniel Radcliffe talk about his fears of being taken seriously as an actor outside the world of Harry Potter, now that trailers for his next venture, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, are circulating. Emma Watson expresses the same feelings, and for a while there I thought she might just resign herself to her eco-fashion line, but she’s in two promising, upcoming features, MY WEEK WITH MARILYN and THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, based on the popular book. Rupert Grint is also working in some small, off-beat films at the moment. I think it’s still too early to tell what these three are likely to do with their careers, but I certainly don’t envy their fight against the doomsday message all childhood actors face as they grow up and try to make it as adults.