Visit random corners of the Earth via Globe Genie

MIT grad student Joe McMichael created Globe Genie, a fun chat roulette-like experience, but instead of randomly connecting you with a stranger (or, as if often the case, their penis), it instantly transports you to a random corner of the world (or at least the random corners that have been visited by the Google Maps Street View camera). As The New York Times writes, with a press of the “teleport” button “this could be a stretch of highway in rural Denmark, a corner in downtown Denver or the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro” (and no surprise penises!). I think the usage of the word teleport is fitting; it takes a couple seconds for the image to focus and load in a manner that somewhat mimics the STAR TREK inspired notion of what teleportation might actually look like.

Speaking of Google Maps Street View, there’s a fun little easter egg at one location where you can actually enter the store (hat tip to Reddit).