The uncanny world of Philipp Igumnov

I want to highlight Russian artist Philipp Igumnov and his intriguing collection of collages. His dream-like landscapes are oddly familiar; He takes an image as common as a family posing in a field and imbues it with a certain uncanny quality. My favorite is the one pictured above of a child leaping out of the back of a C-130 transport plane. It captures what it feels like to be a child joyously jumping into a pool, but Igumnov ups the stakes by launching the kid out the back of a plane.

The blogosphere also shares my enthusiasm about Igumnov, but aside from his Flickr and LiveJournal account, Philipp is bit of an enigma. There’s a dearth of information about him except for this brief interview in which he describes his artistic process. “I listen [to] a lot of inspirational music and dream how this music could be on paper.” His reticence forces us to not look towards him for an explanation, but rather makes us re-examine his art work and form our own interpretations.