The sexy librarian is a man, baby

We’re not sure which is the most pervasive stereotype about librarians – that she wears her hair in a bun, wears glasses and likes to shush people, or that she’s secretly a sex fiend who likes to shake out her bun and whip off her glasses. Either way, male librarians are decidedly absent. And not just male librarians, but young male librarians. Young, male librarians who are not opposed to showing a little skin. This oversight bothered Megan Perez – a young, male former librarian who is not opposed to showing a little skin (see below).

Okay, so the stereotype – the first one at least – does have some truth to it: Currently, the American library workforce is approximately 80% White and 72% female.  And tens of thousands of librarians are expected to reach age 65 over the next five years. But all the more reason to expand people’s notions of what a librarian is.

Enter “The Men of the Stacks” calendar for 2012! Perez and his colleagues were inspired by the 2009 calendar released by the Texas Library Association, “Tattooed Ladies of TLA,” which raised money for the TLA library disaster relief fund. They found twelve willing volunteers – Perez took the November slot himself – and put together the calendar. It went on sale last month, and 100% of the proceeds go to the awesomely deserving It Gets Better Project. “In addition to rattling the current stereotype of the librarian,” Perez says, “we wanted the calendar to serve a greater good.” Sounds like a pretty good reason to shell out $19.99 to us. Christmas shopping, anyone?

Below: Megan, Mr. November, and the full-length shot of Zack, Mr. January