The Speedo makes a comeback

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at that iconic image of the bikini-clad woman sudsing up a muscle car or rollerskating along the boardwalk, then have we got two videos for you. First, the high budget one: LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” As our writer friend Grant Stoddard recently put it in a Facebook post, never before has banana sling been so explicitly celebrated in a music video – it’s shot in a way that gives the illusion of three-dimensionality, if you know what we mean. (Best line of the song? The chorus refrain “I work out.”) Yes, it’s funny and tongue in cheek, and yet the high production value gives it a weight that makes it feel like genuine equal-opportunity objectification.

For something a lot less easy on the eyes and ears, but just as celebratory of the Speedo, there’s the low budge YouTube vid, “White Minivan,”* in which a guy dons a rather drab looking banana hammock (when compared to LMFAO’s shiny, sparkly ones) and aims a not-at-all-phallic hose at his old minivan as he reminisces about using it to navigate the teen dating scene: “Life is so degrading/When you try to brag to chicks/About your five-star safety rating.” He blames his parents for “cockblocking” him with a “Plymouth Voyager from fucking ’93″ (a car more commonly associated with soccer moms and/or pedophiles). But his lack of success with the ladies could be more about his choice in swimwear – as these two videos demonstrate, there’s a fine line between the sexy Speedo and the sad Speedo. (Okay, there’s a huge gap between the sexy Speedo and the sad Speedo.)

*For an awesome music video about minivans, check out “Swagger Wagon” (yeah, it’s a commercial, but damn if it doesn’t make you a minivan convert).