Patrick Krzyzanowski's wrestling paintings

Portuguese artist Patrick Krzyzanowski’s paintings of professional wrestlers exaggerate the already ludicrous “sport” with its gaudy costumes, showmanship and over the top violence, which has long been a pillar of American pop culture – especially amongst guys. In this interview with Vice, he explains the inspiration behind his work:

Professional wrestling is multi-faceted and complex. My reason for drawing and painting fighters wrestling has changed since the start of the work. Originally it started as a very superficial thing: to explore the idea of muscled men who influenced my early homo-erotic drawings. I have no problem admitting that I became a wrestling fan. This work intends to reflect on the performative element of wrestling: choreography, personalities and clothing.

The painting above cracks me up. It’s like a wrestling version of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE. And in a funny bit of coincidence – as I finished writing this entry, my Gmail pinged with a new email from Improv Everywhere: the founder had his wedding (to another fellow Improv Everywhere member) crashed by a professional wrestler. Watch the hilarity here.