Must watch: The Internet Story

Internet Story from Adam Butcher on Vimeo.

After making the festival circuit the past couple years, Adam Butcher’s short film, THE INTERNET STORY, was finally posted online – and it’s caused quite a stir. Using a variety of techniques and media, it’s an absolutely brilliant, must-watch ten minute experimental short film that chronicles a random video blogger’s attempt to find money buried by a stranger as a sort of public treasure hunt. Butcher writes that he enjoys “working in a variety of styles, but current interests include animation or mixed media visuals, surrealism, childhood and telephones.” I’m not sure about the telephone part, but his film certainly reflects his interests. I don’t want to spoil anything, but you have to watch the entire video through ’til the end. There’s a twist that only M. Night Shyamalan dreams of coming up with now, and makes me question whether this was a factual documentary or a mockumentary. I’m still not entirely sure.