Movie trailer roundup: Out of control super teens & a scare from the Sundance fest

Okay, it may not be the most original approach, but this week I rounded up a bunch of scary movie trailers because hey, it’s Halloween and everyone’s talking about it. Too much, in fact. None of my friends have kids yet – the only excusable reason for an adult to get amped up it – and yet many are inexplicably entranced by the holiday. Luckily, no one’s asked me what I’m going as, maybe because my friends all know by now that I don’t care. I like candy and I like drinking on a Monday night as much as the next person, but not with a bunch of women who’ve picked the first snow weekend of the year to go out dressed like whores. On purpose – not by accident. A good friend of mine, who’s also a snappy and sometimes theatrical dresser, someone I would normally think would go all out for the opportunity for outlandish dressing that Halloween affords, surprised me by confiding that she doesn’t dress for Halloween because she takes so much time in thinking of what she’ll wear on all the other 364 days of the year that it’s simply too exhausting. This weekend, I join her in taking a stand against all your avid Halloweeners out there, and yeah you can boo me as much as you want. And oh yeah, this is supposed to be about movies:

CHRONICLE begins the way of lot of scary movies do. Three teenagers go walking in the woods – sound familiar? Yeah, but this time they don’t get dragged off to a farmhouse and hacked to pieces. Instead, they find a hole in the ground that basically gives them Jedi powers. They can look at a person and decide they’d like to see them fly across a room and bam! There off. They can move around pretty much anything they want, which is fun at first. From the trailer, it looks like they take a girl’s clothes off and play harmless pranks on people in shopping centers. But like they say, with great power comes great responsibility, and it turns out of them isn’t as responsible as the others thought.

TYRANNOSAUR is scary, Sundance style. That means that not only do people scream and get stalked and hurt and beat up, but it’s also “heartfelt” and “moving” and “powerful.” Seriously, when was the last time you watched a scary movie that wasn’t, intentionally or otherwise, a total piece of crap? And by the way, it’s not about dinosaurs.

Speaking of total crap, guess what’s out in theaters? PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 – now with kids! Kinda makes me want a Bloody Mary…

But if you just can’t wait for the theatrical releases and you wanna be scared right freaking now, check out all the frightening flicks playing on Sundance this weekend.