Get your doodle on with a scrapbooking iPad app

I have a thing for notebooks. But after years of notebook accumulation, no real pattern or trend has emerged. I collect them indiscriminately—a pink Moleskine here, a cool, cloth-wrapped volume there, some funky vintage find from a flea market. Sadly, most of them sit blank and dusty on a bookshelf in my office, silently pleading for a simple doodle or To-Do list. Alas, my fascination with notebooks doesn’t seem to have come with any real dedication to journaling.

But the creative minds behind new iPad app, Clibe, have come up with a space-saving digital solution for notebook nerds. With a screen made to look like a blank page, users can scribble their thoughts using pen, paint, marker and crayon tools. You can also import images or screen captures to manipulate with photo tools, and customize your various notebook covers (which look exactly like Moleskines) to assemble in a little digital library.

Beyond helping me curb my impulse notebook purchases, I’m especially interested in using this app for gathering and collecting some of my favorite recipes (which I tend to find online, anyway), and then amending them with notes and scribbles. If I’m feeling extra Martha Stewart-y, maybe I’ll even pop in a few images of the finished products. A handy feature allows you to share any of your notebooks with other users, so maybe my mom can finally give me her recipe for “breakfast bruschetta” on something other than a Post-It note.