Full Frontal Fashion recap: No more basic black – say hello to the lady in red

Winter is upon us, which means we’re about to be bombarded by a city-wide attack of the basic black coat. But you don’t have to be another boring, cold weather offender: wear red! We break down bright Winter dressing.

If cladding yourself in stop sign red isn’t your thing, we gotcha. But basic doesn’t have to be so blahh. We break down a comfy, warm but still ultra chic Winter look.

We weren’t surprised to discover that UGG, the maker of the hideous, couch potato, sweat pant of a boot that screams I-give-up-on-life, has made their fashion abomination even UGGlier this year by adding curly shearling fur to the outside, but we were pretty shocked to see them come out with a Wintery, wedge bootie that’s actually pretty darn cute.

Donning a cat suit this Halloween? Good for you! But first, a word of advice from your friends at Full Frontal Fashion on how to be more like Heidi Klum’s va-va-voom and not JWoww’s oh noooo….