Best of the Web: Williamsburg is always ready for Halloween & Spike Jonze tries stop-motion

Halloween or Williamsburg: Anyone that’s ever set foot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn can attest that outfits seen on the sidewalk can be startlingly strange. One minute, you’re looking at a modern Jimi Hendrix and the next, an NYU student’s take on Annie Hall. If you didn’t live here, you might think these people were en route to a costume party or similarly themed event. A brilliant new blog, “Halloween or Williamsburg,” documents some of the neighborhood’s goofiest get-ups.

Stop-Motion Spike Jonze: It took Spike Jonze and designer Olympia Le Tan a year and a half to complete this charmingly creepy stop-motion short promoting her unusual, hand-sewn handbags (made to look like vintage book covers). My favorite moment: when the tiny felt lady on the cover of Dracula starts making obscene gestures at the “Macbeth” skeleton.

Giant LEGO Conspiracy: Since 2007, there have been a number of sightings of an enormous Lego man, whose green t-shirt bears the mysterious phrase, “No Real Than You Are,” washed up on beaches all over the world. If you read this round-up regularly, you know I have a thing for LEGOs, so try to imagine my excitement when I heard about this—”a giant LEGO man? Most likely from space?” Unfortunately—or fortunately, I guess, depending how you look at it—a real human being is behind the whole scheme. A Dutch artist by the name of Ego Leonard, who might be even more into LEGOs than I am.

Ed Lee for Mayor: MC Hammer remixed “2 Legit 2 Quit” for a music video endorsing San Francisco’s interim mayor, Ed Lee. I don’t know anything about Mr.Lee, but if this many break dancers in latex Hammer pants think he’s great, then I’m pretty sure he’s the right man for the job.

Hope: A Tragedy“: “If there’s another Holocaust, can I hide in your attic?” So begin a series of videos promoting frequent “This American Life” contributor Shalom Auslander’s new book, “Hope: A Tragedy.” In each clip, the author calls one of his buddies—including NPR’s Ira glass, author Sarah Vowell and The Daily Show‘s John Hodgman—to discuss the details of staying with them, including the readiness of storage space, pancake preparation and bed linens.